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“You're a fallen angel, and in Heaven you would never need to fight for your survival.

Now you do, and let me fill you in on how your godliness will fail down here in Purgatory:

         You will try to unify the reapers in rebellion against their leader.

         Every one of them will scramble just to be the first to sell you out,

         except for those too lazy not to sit back and enjoy the show.

         Most of these guys come where I come from:

         Hell. You've never been there, to my mind.

         I should think you'd remember it, but then again: maybe you wouldn't,

         and it doesn't matter. You can't teach them to surrender to your cause;

         they've given up enough all ready to our boss,

         and you have far less power over him than THEY do.”


-Gosnold, Supervising Reaper at Anubiz Corporation.

= = == === ===== ======== ============= ======== ===== === == = =

Current Feature: Act One. [Demo.]

This Work Includes:

  • The Entire Scrypt [sic] for the First Act of this Five-Act Epic Drama.
  • Roughly forty-five minutes of gameplay, even if you have a death wish.
  • EIGHT UNFORGETTABLE CHARACTERS. (plus two expendable ones no one will miss.)
  • More than TWENTY MINUTES OF ORIGINAL MUSIC. (Available as a twenty-minute E.P. if you wish to sponsor us for 3.33 USD.)
  • Captivating Visuals with a glossy finish: expressive creatures with impressive features.
  • Multiple Paths and Locations, both on Earth and Otherwise.
  • Choices that will probably matter, eventually. We are still working on that part.



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K.D.H.W.-Demonstration-6.1.-mac.zip 209 MB
K.D.H.W.-Demonstration-6.1.-pc.zip 227 MB
Keeps Death His E.P. (Music from Act One.).zip 187 MB
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I liked the art and music in the first demo but with the script in this one I didn't really notice it being missing, my mind was completely focused on keeping up.

Having to find the right combinations of options to progress is nice too, at least I think it works that way, maybe I'm bad at it.

Look forward to seeing where the routes go as well, assuming there will be some, like the last bit made it seem. 

You are a Blessing in Disguise, Yasen. Do me a favour: don't play the Second Demo. It was merely an experiment. I thank you kindly for your persistent patronage.



I've got lots of time and you've made some good games so I'm happy to help out, thank you for the hard work.

Is the don't play the second demo bit reverse psychology? I can play if ya want me to.


naw, I'm serious about Demo 2.0. It's not part of the canon. I am flattered, though. Glad to have made a fan!!



Ah I won't in that case then, don't wanna get mixed up with non canon stuff, had enough of that with star wars.

Hope you make a lot more fans.


I have been compared to Star Wars. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.

I hope so, too, and more so now that I have your support.

More coming... soon? Espero que si.



I'll take a look at the 2 demos, having some trouble with my comps hdd though so might not be able to, thanks for the hard work.

I couldn't hold out on my fans; not for so long. You're free to download Demo Number Five. Spare Arianna's Life and see what follows.



I'll download and see, will try to keep you updated when I play.

Original comment was 50 days ago lol long time already.

but only the blink of an eye in the lifetime of a Solo Developer...


Check out my new Item, Yasen!!

It's short but thought-provoking.




Will do, glad to see new stuff.

A little busy today so sorry if it's a day or 2 before I get to it but I'll try.